Firstly, we protect the copyright of our clients as part of our full service.

Secondly we have developed the process to bring the perpetrator to task.

Thirdly we are good at it. Our tried and tested process produces results: your images are removed from the infringer’s website, stops the public being deceived, and recovers your royalties due for the use to date.

Our main driver in establishing this service was frustration.

We are a full service Marketing Agency and, having been commissioned to do work or manage a photo shoot for a client, we always found it frustrating how laborious and costly it was to get the image removed. Identifying who is using your image unlawfully has always been reasonably easy for us but actually getting the image removed…

No Win No Fee
1_dark We identify businesses that have used your images without your permission
2_dark We act for you on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis to seek financial damages from those businesses
We manage the administration and payment to you of any damages successfully recovered for copyright infringement
We protect your images and your business from future copyright infringement
Why do I need this service?

You may think that an image of your work does not hold much value. However other businesses have recognised the value and are already using your image to promote their business, generate profits and build their reputation. Nobody should be able to ‘pass off’ an image that demonstrates your level of training, hard-work, creativity and design expertise as their own work.

There is robust legislation and well-established case law in the United Kingdom which recognises the inherent value of an individual’s image and protects the intellectual property of its citizens.

Why choose RB Copyright?

We are the market leader in dealing with copyright infringement matters.

Our professional and efficient team will manage the whole financial recovery process from start to finish in a straight talking and transparent manner.

We have a well-founded reputation and a wealth of trade and legal experience for successful case management.

Website Audit

We also offer a website audit service where we check that your site complies with copyright legislation through a comprehensive review and assessment of your online content.

Price on application, please contact us for more details.