Why do I need a copyright infringement service?

You may think that an image of your work does not hold much value financially. However, there is well-established UK legislation and case law that recognises the inherent value of an individual’s image and protects the intellectual property of businesses and individuals. Nobody should be able to ‘pass off’ an image that demonstrates your skill, hard-work, creativity and design expertise as their own work. We protect you against the detriment to your business that can be incurred by copyright infringement when your images are used in these circumstances.


How do you identify that my images have been used?

Our Copyright Infringement Team thoroughly investigate and identify copyright infringements across the internet. We then work with our clients to identify whether those images are being used with your consent or not. It may be that you have given permission for your images to be used by other businesses. Where you have not given permission for your images to be used we will work with you to prepare action against the businesses using your images unlawfully.


What is a royalty payment?

When you grant permission for the use of your photograph(s) you are entitled to charge a fee for the right to use your image(s). This fee is called a royalty and typically takes the form of a licence fee (usually an upfront payment entitling an individual to use your image for a specified period) or rolling royalties (a fee payable every time the photograph is used).

In relation to Refined By Ltd. acting as your image broker a royalty payment is dependent on the terms of the Image Broker Agreement and is typically the money you would receive for the right to use your photographs after marketing and recovery costs have been applied.


Will I be able to decide which businesses to pursue for financial damages?

We will not contact any businesses or individuals in relation to the infringement of your images without your agreement. No legal action will be taken against defendants without your permission. We will discuss with you whether there are any businesses that you do not wish to pursue. There may be businesses who are using your images with your permission or there may be other businesses you do not wish to pursue for damages for other reasons.


What financial damages can I expect to recover?

The amount of damages recovered will be dependent on the number of infringements and the nature of the infringements. We operate on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis and we guarantee that there are no upfront costs. Our fees are recovered from successfully settled matters before the residuary damages are paid to you. A list of the fees we charge is available on request at any time and has been provided with this information.


How much of my time will be involved with the infringement matters?

In acting on your behalf we will prepare evidence, court documents and all necessary paperwork. We will deal with all defendants on your behalf and we will minimise as much as possible the amount of paperwork that you will need to complete. Where court action is unavoidable it will be by way of the small claims track in the Intellectual Property and Enterprise Court (IPEC). You would be entitled to attend the court hearing but if you choose not to we will act on your behalf and seek legal counsel where necessary.


If you have further questions you can call or email the Refined By Copyright team on 01524 544338 and legal@rbcopyright.co.uk

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  • If you have received a letter in relation to a copyright infringement matter, please contact our Copyright Infringement Team on 01524 544338, or email legal@rbcopyright.co.uk and quote the reference number, as detailed in the letter. We will be prevented from discussing copyright infringement matters with anyone other than a company director or business owner (unincorporated traders) unless prior authority is given.