Refund Policy Terms and Conditions

If a payment is made via Worldpay, in relation to the settlement of a claim for damages or otherwise, and a refund of that payment is requested we can offer a refund subject to the recovery of all Worldpay costs and administrative costs incurred by the Refined By Copyright team in relation to the consideration and management of the refund.

We reserve the right to refuse the refund of any payment not made in genuine error.

In exceptional circumstances we may be able to make arrangement for payments to be made in part over an agreed period of time. We use Futurepay by Worldpay to enable this. 

We will agree a timeframe for the agreed amount to be taken by automated card payments on the dates agreed. If during the schedule you wish to cancel the arrangement please contact and state your wish and reason to cancel.   

If you need any assistance with a payment you have made please contact us for further information.



To make a payment, please enter your reference number and postcode below

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